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WordPress SEO: You may also be interested in what CMS your search engine uses on your CMS. It may seem a little unbelievable, but it does not matter at all which of these CMS you use.But if we want to tell you which is the best WordPress is one of the most suitable options for SEO. Mahour website is ready to serve you nobles. To contact our experts, call 09126942637 and 09910299717.

WordPress SEO | How to Word Press SEO | Mahor Website
If we want to tell you in simple language what is WordPress SEO?SEO or site optimization is the steps that must be taken to find your site with the highest rank in search engine results.

For any work, the infrastructure must be done first. This also includes WordPress SEO.This means that before doing anything, we must first be aware of the services provided by the host and examine what parameters affect the SEO, and then proceed to purchase the host.

Several options are very important in choosing high speed hosting, security and stability are some of the things that Word Press SEO is directly effective.After these steps, you can do Word Press SEO. Check with the important points in site design and site setup.

  • Clear irrelevant site content for WordPress testing.
  • Create categories related to site work
  • Delete sample pages from the tab management section

Use the template with the point that it is compatible with WordPress.

For better SEO of content in WordPress, it is better to have the URL of the pages related to the titles of the posts
To SEO content, the address and title of the content and posts must be the same.
Use Yoast SEO plugin and use the parameters of this plugin in setting WordPress

What does a WordPress SEO checklist do?

Through Word Press SEO checklist, we can find out where SEO or optimization of our site has a problem. Let’s take a look at all these items that the checklist gives us. It is necessary to observe all these points:

Choose a title for the site
Use a unique URL
The site must be registered in the Google console.
Design and create a map for the site.
Before buying hosts, as we said, check the speed and..
You must install the Word Press SEO plugin.
Create a correct page for error 404.
Use at least 1 H1 tag and a maximum of 1 H2 tag for internal content
For your content, be sure to consider video images and attractive content structure so that the user does not get bored and leave the site.
Focus on the first 100 words of each post and use the keywords in it.
Backlash or external leakage must also be done carefully.
Use internal links or internal link building

All of the above are principles of SEO or internal optimization of your site that are essential for a WordPress site. If we want to explain this topic to you more, the internal SEO of WordPress is much broader. You will find.

?Why use ssl certificate in WordPress SEO

One of the things you should always keep in mind on your site is that if you have set up an ir extension or another extension such as com, you should have an SSL security certificate in WordPress SEO.

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